Over the Head Isolation Gowns

Quality crafted for protection against fluid contaminants, our complete range of disposable over-the-head isolation gowns offers optimal solutions for various exposure levels and environments. Easy-wear styling and a simplified donning process, paired with full frontal and back coverage, result in products that encourage compliance by providing every element a healthcare worker needs to work comfortably and effectively. When over-the-head isolation gowns with thumb hooks are worn beneath gloves, wearers are assured of complete arm coverage.

MLN177 Multilayer SMS AAMI Level 2 Over-the-Head Gown With Thumb Hooks (Moderate Risk)
Tronex disposable over-the-head gowns are available in a variety of sizes, material types, and weights, as well as convenient packaging options, to meet specific needs.

  • Constructed from the highest quality single or multilayer nonwoven spunbond materials to ensure fluid-resistant or fluid-impervious protection
  • Convenient apron-style neck opening with pull-away removal feature
  • Full frontal coverage with waist ties and open back
  • Long sleeves with thumb-hook cuffs
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex