World-Class Manufacturing Excellence

Superior quality raw materials are sourced to ensure Tronex products deliver high dependable quality, performance, and protection. Tronex production plants and facilities meet and exceed all key industry requirements by being ISO-certified for manufacturing, quality control, and its environmental stewardship protocols. They are also U.S. FDA-registered.

Our products offer leading design specifications that ensure optimal performance for their intended tasks and applications, with intelligent packaging design to ensure clear identification and dispensing through use.

Expert Global Sourcing and Logistics Expertise

Now in our fourth decade of supply excellence, we have recognized a sophisticated and evolving Global Supply Chain operation model that drives leading performance while optimizing efficiency in the service of each of our program customers’ needs.

Tronex has developed a proprietary production plan and buffer inventory system, that together with contingency and backup measures, ensures consistent delivery of industry-leading fill rates with supply consistency. For the long-term, Tronex is fully committed to forging continuous expansion with global geographic diversity in the sourcing and manufacturing of our PPE products.

Passionate Account Service and Support Teams

Our matrixed Account Support and Management teams are highly adept to partner closely with each program customer to support and deliver optimized program service solutions.

We deeply understand that a culture of high responsiveness is critical to ensure that support and delivery are aligned and attuned to our customers’ needs and demands for essential front-line protective solutions. Proficient analytical support teams are always available to assist with in-depth program/utilization reviews. Tronex partners with most of the major national distribution companies across each of the industry vertical that we serve.

Continuous Research and Innovation

Tronex is committed to innovation and the continued development of relevant new product solutions to address unmet needs from our customer partners and the market.

As a focused major-category supply partner, it is our core responsibility to integrate our understanding of the evolving infection control and cross-contamination protection trends. With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and materials, we deliver true added value to our cherished partnerships.