Employee Testimonials

“The best part of working at Tronex is the experience I have gained working with all different departments. In other companies you may be forced into one area with limited career growth potential. However, at Tronex you are encouraged to work with other departments and gain exposure to the entire supply chain. In addition, your positive efforts are recognized and really do make a visible impact on the company.”

– M.C., Manager, International Procurement, joined in 2013

“The support that I receive from management and coworkers makes my job easier. Someone is always there to give advice or lend a hand. I can reach for the stars, because I know that everyone at Tronex will be there to support me and I am confident that they will not let me fall.”

– L.S., Senior Account Executive, joined in 2018

“I have been working at Tronex for 8 years and started straight out of college. Tronex has provided me an amazing foundation and environment to learn and grow both personal and professional. As a business development representative, I have been given so many wonderful opportunities to work with major healthcare systems across the entire country. The level of exposure is unbelievable!”

– H.C., Senior Manager, Business Development, joined in 2011