Talents and a Few Sentiments

“When I was first hired, I was brought in as a Business Analyst. Since then, I have been given countless opportunities to learn, grow and support the business in numerous faceted ways. This has all lead to both my professional and personal development, and what I am most appreciative for from Tronex. Being surrounded by so many dynamic coworkers provide a supportive, intelligent team capable of finding a solution to even the most difficult challenges. Additionally, I love the fact that I can collaborate with every department in the building, fully understanding the Tronex business and driving the success of this company.”

– DS, Senior Director, Strategic Finance, joined 2012

“Working at Tronex has been a positive and fulfilling experience. I graduated from International Business, but I wasn’t sure what field I wanted to work in. A friend of mine recommended Tronex and I sent my resume. After being interviewed, I got accepted to work in the Customer Service Department. The company gave me the opportunity to change departments and I fell in love with accounting. I will always cherish the various mentors who have guided me to where I am today. From the ground up, I flourished and was promoted to Operating Accounting Manager. Tronex is my second home, and it will always be.”

– JC, Operating Accounting Manager, Accounting, joined 2013

“Almost 7 years ago, I made the decision to make a major career change to have a better quality of life with the possibility of room for advancement by joining Tronex, where I was welcomed and supported by Team Tronex every step of the way while becoming a contributing member of the team. It is my pleasure to support some of the largest health systems nationwide with superior quality products.

My favorite aspect of the Tronex family is the support that I receive from our leadership team and dedicated colleagues, I know that we all share the same vision of being the very best striving to deliver unparalleled quality, value, and service. Over the years, this has earned Tronex great respect in our industry and it is very rewarding to be a part of such a well-respected company.

Tronex is a company with impeccable values and high standards that creates an exciting atmosphere, where dedicated employees are rewarded with opportunities to advance their skills and further their career growth.”

– WT, Director, Sales Administration, joined 2017

“I’ve been working at Tronex for 14 months and one aspect of my journey here has been particularly the exposure to international perspectives which allowed me to bring my past work experiences into the workplace along with my European business background. In today’s interconnected world, working at Tronex which has a global mindset, has been great.

I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to collaborate with colleagues and vendors from diverse cultural backgrounds. We also have launched successful logistics and compliance projects with the goal of always achieve excellence. I’m thrilled to help our company to achieve more success and I am honored to be a part of this team and look forward to continuing our journey together!”

– NL, Import Manager, joined 2023

“I began my journey at Tronex answering phones and completing clerical work. In a few short years, Tronex provided me with several opportunities for growth and I am now Supervisor of a 7-person department. The best part of working for Tronex is the exposure you get to all different types of work. You are not limited to working only in your department but are encouraged to branch out and explore different opportunities. This creates amazing collaboration between colleagues and fosters growth for all!”

– LS, Customer Service Manager, joined 2018

“Having spent 27 years with another company, I didn’t think I’d find another company that actually cared so much about their employees. From my interview to the tour of the Tronex facility I knew this is where I wanted to start my new career. I love how much the Tronex team cares about and treats its employees. It makes coming to work every day such a pleasure! The Tronex values that resonate the most, are how much they care about their customers and their total commitment to give them the best products on the market.”

– JS, Ecommerce Order Fulfillment & Processing Associate, joined 2022

“Tronex brought me on during February of 2023 as the Marketing Coordinator. Since then, I’ve been happy to work on a wide range of exciting projects for the leading national brands we serve, learning from our incredible team members across several departments, helping to make me a more versatile, effective, and key contributor in Tronex marketing. My favorite part of working for Tronex is being a part of such a dynamic and diverse work environment where I can participate in so many exciting collaborations, learning from an extensive range of people with differing perspectives, knowledge, and backgrounds. Tronex’s approach as a leading global brand resonates with me and makes me proud to work for such a forward-thinking, progressive company that provides meaningful protective solutions in addition to being philanthropically active as well.”

– DP, Marketing Coordinator, joined 2023

“I had the pleasure of joining Tronex in January 2015, right after graduating from college. Working at Tronex has been an incredible experience, thanks to the supportive team and fantastic work culture. From day one, I was impressed with the professionalism and dedication of my colleagues, and it has been an absolute pleasure working alongside them.

At Tronex, I have the opportunity to work on various projects, from creating marketing materials to producing video content. The work has been challenging but also incredibly rewarding, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. I have been impressed with the level of support and guidance I have received from my team, and I feel like I have developed some valuable skills that will serve me well throughout my career. I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work here and look forward to continuing my career with Tronex in the future!”

– VB, Media Specialist, joined 2015

“I have been very fortunate to have found employment at Tronex International. I have never felt more welcome and respected by an employer. The leadership at Tronex plans many events for their employees that I always look forward to. The training I have received here has been outstanding. I can finally say I look forward to going to work every day.”

– PD, Warehouse Assistant, joined 2019

“Since I started with Tronex, everyone has been welcoming and friendly to me. Management fosters an inclusive and professional environment with goals and objectives clearly communicated to employees. Through my time here I have been granted ownership of my monthly responsibilities and deliverables, however, have not lacked opportunities to get involved in individual as well as group projects to help with career development and visibility. Tronex is a fast-paced company with a strong culture that stresses business collaboration. I’ve enjoyed my eight months at Tronex and looking forward to the future here, as well.”

– AL, Accounting Manager, joined 2023