Head, Foot, and Sleeve Covers

Tronex is dedicated to supplying products that ensure optimal protection for professionals in such industries as hospitality, manufacturing, janitorial, sanitation, food processing, and food service. Disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including head covers, foot covers, and sleeve covers, offer exceptional protection, breathability, and comfort. Our extensive product range includes bouffant caps, beard covers, sleeve covers, and shoe covers that are meticulously designed to meet specialized protective needs.

4040B Bouffant Cap
Available in an assortment of sizes and styles, Tronex head, foot, and sleeve covers provide a comfortable, secure fit while maintaining consistent performance integrity and durability during use.

  • Constructed from the highest quality nonwoven spunbond or multilayer nonwoven spunbond materials to ensure reliable fluid-resistant or fluid-impervious protection
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001-certified factories