Tronex continually develops new, innovative products and progressive packaging solutions in anticipation of current and future needs, as well as market evolutions.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated by our sustainable growth and successful expansion over the past quarter century into major, new product categories that leverage our extensive expertise.

Always building upon our reputation for leading quality, we make it a priority to be on the forefront of product development and industry trends. We believe it is our responsibility to share our deep understanding of market conditions, emerging regulations, and the competitive landscape in order to anticipate our customers’ evolving needs and add significant value to our long-term partnerships.

Some important examples of our commitment to innovation include:

  • Incorporating new, cutting-edge technologies and materials to meet customer needs and applications, as well as support ongoing sustainability efforts
  • Continuously improving all major automated supply chain and manufacturing processes
  • Acting on the critical feedback of our customers and end users to create unique proprietary solutions, such as our full line of disposable gloves, face masks, and head-to-toe protective apparel, which are used in multiple industries for a wide range of applications