Tronex offers a value-added competitive advantage in the global sourcing and logistics arenas.

As an Asian-American-owned company for a product category that is manufactured throughout China and Asia, our cultural background and deep regional relationships in Asia define Tronex as a preeminent supplier and leading performer across our product categories. Our experienced logistics team is continuously anticipating, planning, and adjusting for intricacies and challenges that can and often do arise in this industry to ensure a seamlessly reliable customer experience.

We have built a sophisticated vertically integrated global supply chain pipeline and sourcing system that directly connects manufacturers and customers for optimal efficiencies. With over 27 years of experience, Tronex has established direct manufacturing controls to ensure competitive pricing, consistent quality, and highly efficient distribution processes in support of our end goal: total customer satisfaction.

Our extensive global factory network, proven inventory planning system, and multiple warehouses strategically located across the U.S. enable Tronex to provide timely, fuel-efficient deliveries and industry-leading 99.9% fill rates for each committed customer.