As a leading global innovator and provider of over 700 SKUs of disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Tronex Healthcare is honored to serve the largest healthcare systems, hospitals, laboratories, and diagnostic organizations in the U.S.

Our advanced healthcare PPE offerings include:

  • Superior quality disposable examination and specialty gloves
  • Head-to-toe disposable protective apparel
  • Procedure and surgical face masks, as well as NIOSH-approved N95 respirators
  • Non-sterile elastic bandages in a clinician-preferred, color-coded packaging system
  • Emerging new surgical and infection-control products

As a vital supplier to the medical industry, Tronex partners with each of the major Group Purchasing Organizations to deliver industry-leading quality, supply consistency, and dependability. On the forefront of industry trends and regulations, Tronex drives product innovation and performance excellence, continually developing cutting-edge solutions to meet and exceed customer needs.