Tronex is dedicated to “Making a Positive Difference and the World a Better Place®,” and we wholeheartedly believe that, “through a great enterprise, we can help many.” To turn these visions into reality, we strive to assist others both locally and globally.

At the local level, Tronex supports charitable organizations near our corporate headquarters in Mount Olive, New Jersey. We do this by contributing to schools, law enforcement agencies, rotary clubs, and humane societies. We sponsor programs that provide food to people who are hungry or homeless. We are also dedicated to supporting organizations with missions to stop child abuse and provide support to victims.

We take great pride in being personally involved with each of the organizations that we support. While monetary contributions are always needed, we go beyond that by attending events and fundraisers, volunteering, and giving motivational speeches.

As a global, medical-based company, Tronex is especially honored to be involved with international organizations that provide essential medicine, advance cures, help prevent diseases, and distribute food to those in need. By partnering with programs that directly improve the health and well-being of those affected by diseases and disabilities, we are able to help provide treatment and hope to people of all ages.

We firmly believe that education is the backbone of society and that a country’s long-term success lies in the education of its youth. This is especially important in today’s interdependent global economy. Tronex is so passionate about education that we built and fund our own school in Mainland China, called the Tronex School.

We also support disaster-relief efforts. Without warning, people’s lives can be destroyed by tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other devastating events. As such, Tronex acts swiftly to aid victims of natural disasters.

We believe in giving back to those who are in need and are proud of the contributions we make on a continual basis.